Installation and Setup

The ANTARES client supports Python versions 3.6 and up.

Installing for Development

If you plan on contributing to the development of the ANTARES client or if you want to run the latest (unreleased) version of the library, you may want to install in development mode.

$ git clone
$ cd client
$ python develop
$ antares --version
antares, version v1.0.0

Obtaining Credentials

You’ll need to contact the ANTARES team to request API credentials if you’d like to access the real-time alert stream.

These credentials are different than your sign-in credentials for the ANTARES Portal. We typically grant only one set of credentials per institution. Please do not share these credentials with others, and we request that you operate only one active streaming client per set of credentials, except with permission.

We reserve the right to monitor usage and revoke access at any time.