ANTARES Documentation

Basic Concepts

ANTARES receives Alerts in real-time and executes Filters on them. Filters decide whether Alerts are interesting or not. You write Filters in Python and submit them to run live in ANTARES.

Filters have access to the following data:

  • The incoming Alert and all data contained within it

  • The history of past Alerts at the same location in the sky

  • Catalog objects which ANTARES has matched to the Alert

Filters can:

  • Annotate Alerts with additional data

  • Send Alerts to output Streams

Streams are visible on the ANTARES website and can also be connected to by downstream systems. You can also receive Slack notifications of new Alerts in your Streams.


Writing Filters

Get started writing Filters with the ANTARES DevKit.

Accessing Data

Connect to ANTARES Streams and query for Alert data using the Client.