Debugging Filters in Production

If your filter crashes, ANTARES will disable the filter and send an error report.

There are no negative consequences of this (technical or otherwise) – so don’t worry. We provide some tools to help you debug the issue.

The Pipeline page on the main ANTARES website shows which filters are currently enabled.

This dashboard shows how many Alerts have come through ANTARES in the past day, and which filters ran on them.

We also provide crash logs when filters fail, and the ability to re-run them on the alert which caused them to break.

Filter Error Notifications

ANTARES sends out error notifications using Slack. You are responsible for directing these notifications to the Slack User or Channel of your choice by setting the variable ERROR_SLACK_CHANNEL in your filter class, like so:

class MyFilter(dk.Filter):
    ERROR_SLACK_CHANNEL = '<slack_member_id>'

And replace <slack_member_id> with your slack member ID. Get your member ID from your slack profile. Open your slack profile and, in the “…” menu, click on “Copy member ID”. It will be an alphanumeric code like UP414JK1GD. eg:


You may also use a Slack channel instead of a member ID. Please create and use your own channel. Do not use an existing channel such as #general. eg:

ERROR_SLACK_CHANNEL = '#my_team_channel'