Submitting Filters to ANTARES

When you’re ready to submit your filter to ANTARES, go to the filters page on the ANTARES website and click “Add”.

Note: We highly recommend setting an ERROR_LOG_SLACK_CHANNEL on your filter so that you will receive notifications of errors. See Debugging Filters in Production.

When you submit your filter you will need to provide:

  • Name – A unique name for your filter. Name your filter like:

    • Format: <author or group>_<name>_<version>

    • eg: stubens_sn1a_candidates_v1

  • Description – A brief text description of your filter. Will be publicly visible.

  • Handler – The name of the filter class in your code. The handler name does not need to be unique outside of your code.

  • Code – A block of code which includes:

    • your import statements

    • filter class

    • any helper functions that your filter needs